Magnum at the Horizon Energy Infrastructure webinar

Confronting the Covid-19 Challenge

Magnum Utilities was invited by Horizon Energy Infrastructure to present at their webinar in September 2020.

The theme was COVID-19 and the industry and market’s ability to adapt to the challenge:

  • How the market has reacted to the disruption caused by COVID-19
  • How suppliers and installers are preparing for potential future disruption
  • What has changed from a regulatory standpoint and what does this mean

In the webinar our managing director, Stuart Convery, speaks about how Magnum handled the lockdown, protected the business and delivered on its commitment to clients and their customers – as well as describing the outlook for Magnum’s post-lockdown future.

Other speakers at the event:
– Ben Bugg, BFY Consulting
– Rob Capewell, Pure Planet
– Carmen Strickland, Horizon


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