All of Magnum Utilities’ activities are managed fully in accordance with national and devolved Government guidelines with regards to safe operation.

Our protocols and controls are derived from the business risk assessments developed in consultation with our clients, partners and team members.

These risk assessments include measures for working in the field as well as in our offices and other facilities.

These controls include the selection and use of personal protection equipment (PPE), hygiene measures, social distancing, travel precautions, access controls to offices and buildings as well as safe home working and guidance on health monitoring and reporting.

The safety of our people and those around us will always be a top priority. We fully understand our responsibility to perform all our activities safely with regard to the health and well-being of our team members and all those we interact with. Our processes and procedures are born from detailed risk assessments that cover all our activities, from working in the office, working from home, working in the field and visiting our clients and their customers’ and members’ homes and workplaces.

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